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Lycium Chinensis Angelica Roots Meatballs
Top grade Chinese herbal medical is added into the meatballs to bring fragrance of Chinese angelica roots and sweetness of entire Lycium chinensis. Enjoy the fine food while making you healthy.
Mushroom Meatballs
Bless with an advantageous geographic environment, a mild climate and excellent water quality, Puli is known for its shiitake mushrooms locally and internationally. Hairei use luscious and aromatic select Puli shiitake mushrooms, process them manually, and blend them into pork pastes. The perfect co
Stuffed Fish Balls
The balls are stuffed with fresh shark meat instead of top grade pork from Nanliao Fishing Port with mushroom, celery, and Chinese water chestnut. Each bite gives you unique flavor. Fresh fish combined with all foods is the best combination.

About Us

When you get to know different brands of Hsinchu Meatballs, the one you must know is the number one brand for the locals, 'Hairei Meatballs'. Its founder, Mr. Hairai Huang, was the first to turn Meatballs making into business according to the earliest records of the local history. Born in 1930 in Puzaiding (now called Puding), Hsinchu City, he started work at the tender age of 15 learning Meatballs making skills and already opened his noodle stand in Nanmen Market by the age of 18. Given to the word of mouth and widespread fame brought by his excellent quality, he named his products after himself, 'Hairei Meatballs'.
We started out as a stand selling Meatballs and noodle dishes. Later, determined to get a better mouth feel out of his Meatballs, Mr. Huang closed his stand and devoted himself to R&D. After countless trials with different methods, the result was today's recipe. Entirely handmade using fresh pork hindquarter meat, the resultant Meatballs gave a very different mouth feel from average ones and were well-received for their amazing bouncy texture. The sacrifice of numerous hours of sleep and rest had paid off. He finally achieved the quality that satisfied himself.
We have launched Hairei Pure Pork Meatballs and Health-Oriented Meatballs product families, featuring authentic local flavor, health orientation and al dente and bouncy texture. All are made of 100% fresh select cuts of pork hindquarters as the main ingredient combined with natural and healthy flavors such as Chinese angelica, goji berries, shiitake mushrooms, Hakka-style pickled Chinese mustard, deep sea cuttlefish ink with century-old craftsmanship according to our secret recipe that has been passed down through three generations. All the finished products are automatically packed in attractive and hygienic packing and strictly controlled to the highest quality standards.